The Story

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.


Men who managed to evenly shave the backs of their heads before the invention of iPhones, I salute you.


Before last night’s Semi (quit that sniggering), I started to compose a post revealing the recent temptation of mine to shave my head. Having Victor Valdes and Gerard Piqué on my screen all but confirmed this idea, because you know, I will of course look just like them if I did. But I refrained from submitting it when the reality sunk in that I’ll probably resemble more of an Arjen Robben. Looking back on the game, and the performances of the three men in question, there’s only one who’d any guy would want to mirror right now.


Can someone please tell me how it’s fair that Sir David’s hair still manages to look better after 70 minutes of football than mine’s ever done even 70 seconds after a haircut?

The Pep

Having Pep back in the news has got me contemplating maybe trying his hairstyle. We share a similar footballing brain, might as well decorate it the same.

A random hunt through my phone’s images has led to a rather insightful discovery. In this order, the above are the photos that I took to my hairdressers for my chosen haircuts of the last four years. Villa to Becks to Hardy to Gosling to Draper to the current Anthony Green. I call this the evolution of a heroes haircut.


I think it’s time to start considering a hairstyle that’s more appropriate for this change in weather. I leave the house with a Season 5 Draper but arrive to work with a Season 1 Olson.

Am I still immature enough to take being told that I’ve got “Captain America hair” as a compliment?