The Story

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.


Summer fashion trends that need to die quick:

  • Flip flops with jeans
  • Sport sunglasses when not playing sport
  • Short sleeves shirt with all the buttons done up
  • Too long shorts
  • Too short shorts
  • The surfer look…when nowhere near a beach
  • The surfer look…when near a beach, but not surfing
  • Beanie wearing
  • Ripped t shirts


It doesn’t matter how hot it still is, unless you’re on holiday, it is never exactable to leave for a night out wearing shorts.

Mummy’s boy.

Mother texts telling you to check out some bozo’s haircut as it “will suit me”. Said bozo has exact cut as my planned next. Least I know I’m not adopted.